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Economic MPC Design

Design model predictive controllers with generic cost functions and arbitrary constraints

Economic model predictive controllers optimize control actions to minimize a generic cost function under arbitrary nonlinear constraints. Using economic MPC, you can optimize your control system to satisfy an arbitrary performance index, such as fuel consumption or the operating cost of the system.

When you implement economic MPC, the controller:

  • Still uses a linear prediction model.

  • Uses your generic cost function instead of the built-in quadratic cost function.

  • Applies your nonlinear constraints in addition to any linear constraints you define in the controller object.

  • Computes optimal control moves by solving a nonlinear optimization problem using the SQP algorithm in fmincon.

Using economic MPC requires Optimization Toolbox™software.

Economic MPC controllers support simulation in MATLAB® and Simulink®, but they do not support code generation.

For more information, see Economic MPC.


mpcCreate MPC controller
mpcmoveOptimal control action
mpcmoveAdaptiveCompute optimal control with prediction model updating
mpcmoveMultipleCompute gain-scheduling MPC control action at a single time instant
mpcmoveoptOptions set for mpcmove and mpcmoveAdaptive
simSimulate closed-loop/open-loop response to arbitrary reference and disturbance signals for implicit or explicit MPC
mpcsimoptMPC simulation options


MPC ControllerCompute MPC control law
Adaptive MPC ControllerDesign and simulate adaptive and time-varying model predictive controllers
Multiple MPC ControllersSimulate switching between multiple implicit MPC controllers


Economic MPC

Economic model predictive controllers optimize control actions to satisfy a generic nonlinear cost function under arbitrary nonlinear constraints.

Specify Generic Cost Function

Economic MPC controllers support generic cost functions, such as a combination of linear or nonlinear functions of the system states and inputs.

Specify Nonlinear Constraints

You can specify nonlinear constraints for your MPC application using a custom constraint function.

Economic MPC Control of Ethylene Oxide Production

Maximize production of an ethylene oxide plant for profit using a nonlinear cost function and nonlinear constraints.

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