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Plant Model

The plant is the system (process or device) you intend to control. The following figure shows a schematic example.

Plant with Input and Output Signals

A Model Predictive Control Toolbox™ design requires a plant model, which defines the mathematical relationship between the plant inputs and outputs. The controller uses it to predict plant behavior.

The toolbox software requires the model to be linear, time invariant (LTI). You can define such a model as follows:

  • Create a transfer function, state space, or zero/pole/gain model using methods provided by the Control System Toolbox™ software

  • Derive it from plant data using, e.g., methods provided by System Identification Toolbox™ software

  • Derive it by linearizing a Simulink® model

This topic illustrates each of these approaches. Control System Toolbox, Simulink, and System Identification Toolbox documentation provides additional examples and details.

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