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MPC property values


Value = get(MPCobj,PropertyName)
Struct = get(MPCobj)


Value = get(MPCobj,PropertyName) returns the current value of the property PropertyName of the MPC controller MPCobj. The character vector PropertyName can be the full property name (for example, 'UserData') or any unambiguous case-insensitive abbreviation (for example, 'user'). You can specify any generic MPC property.

Struct = get(MPCobj) converts the MPC controller MPCobj into a standard MATLAB® structure with the property names as field names and the property values as field values.

get(MPCobj) without a left-side argument displays all properties of MPCobj and their values.

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An alternative to the syntax

Value = get(MPCobj,'PropertyName')

is the structure-like referencing

Value = MPCobj.PropertyName

For example,


return the values of the sampling time and prediction horizon of the MPC controller MPCobj.

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Introduced before R2006a

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