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Examine MPC controller for design errors and stability problems at run-time




review(mpcobj) checks for potential design issues in the Model Predictive Controller mpcobj and generates a report. review performs the following diagnostic tests:

  • Is the optimization problem to be solved online well defined?

  • Is the controller internally stable?

  • Is the closed loop system stable when no constraints are active and there is no model mismatch?

  • Is the controller able to eliminate steady-state tracking error when no constraints are active?

  • Is there a likelihood that constraint definitions will result in an ill-conditioned or infeasible optimization problem?

Input Arguments


Non-empty Model Predictive Controller (mpc) object


Create a Model Predictive Controller with hard upper and lower bounds on the manipulated variable and its rate-of-change.

Create a discrete Model Predictive Controller.

% Create a Model Predictive Controller
Plant = tf(1, [10 1]);
ts = 2;
MPCobj = mpc(Plant,ts);

Specify hard bounds on the MV and its rate of change.

MV = MPCobj.MV;
MV.Min = -2;
MV.Max =  2;
MV.RateMin = -4;
MV.RateMax =  4;
MPCobj.MV = MV;

Review the design.


review flags the potential constraint conflict that could result if you applied this controller to a real process.

Examine the warning by clicking Hard MV Constraints.


review automates certain tests that you could perform yourself.

To test for steady-state tracking errors, use cloffset.

To test the internal stability of a controller, check the eigenvalues of the mpc object. Use ss to convert the mpc object to a state-space model and call isstable.

More About

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  • Use review iteratively to check your initial MPC design or whenever you make substantial changes to mpcobj. Make the recommended changes to your controller to eliminate potential problems.

  • If you design your controller using MPC Design Tool, export the controller to the MATLAB® Workspace, and analyze it using review.

  • review does not modify mpcobj.

  • review cannot detect all possible performance factors. So, additionally test your design using techniques such as simulations.

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