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Deployable Archive Creation

Create deployable archives from MATLAB® code for hosting by a MATLAB Production Server™ instance

A deployable archive contains compiled MATLAB code to deploy on a MATLAB Production Server instance. You generate a deployable archive using either the Production Server Compiler app or the command line compiler.


Production Server CompilerPackage MATLAB programs for deployment to MATLAB Production Server


productionServerCompilerTest, build and package functions for use with MATLAB Production Server
mccCompile MATLAB functions for deployment
deploytoolCompile and package functions for external deployment


Create Deployable Archives

Package Deployable Archives with Production Server Compiler App

Package MATLAB applications into deployable archives using the Production Server Compiler app.

Package Deployable Archives from Command Line

Package MATLAB applications into deployable archives from the command line using the mcc command.


Customize the Application

How to customize the look and feel of the installer generated by the compiler app.

Manage Support Packages

Including support packages when packaging MATLAB applications.


MATLAB Coding Guidelines

Best practices for writing MATLAB code when deploying to MATLAB Production Server.

State-Dependent Functions

Dealing with MATLAB functions that carry state.

Deploying MATLAB Functions Containing MEX Files

How to include MEX files when deploying MATLAB functions.

Unsupported MATLAB Data Types for Client and Server Marshaling

List of unsupported MATLAB data types.

Modifying Deployed Functions

How to modify and redeploy MATLAB functions.

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