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Specify Files to Install with Application

The compiler apps package files to install along with the ones it generates. By default the installer includes a readme file with instructions on installing the MATLAB® Runtine and configuring it.

These files are listed in the Files installed for your end user section of the app.

To add files to the list:

  1. Click the plus button in the field.

  2. Select the desired file from the file explorer.

  3. Click OK to close the file explorer.

Jar files are added to the application classpath in the same ways as if the user called javaaddpath.

To remove files from the list:

  1. Select the desired file.

  2. Press the Delete key.


Removing the binary targets from the list results in an installer that does not install the intended functionality.

When installed on a target computer, the files listed in the Files installed for your end user are placed in the application folder.

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