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Package: matlab.production_server

Python object encapsulating a connection to a MATLAB Production Server instance


The matlab.production_server.client.MWHttpClient class creates a connection object that encapsulates the connection between the client and a MATLAB® Production Server™ instance. Once the connection is created, you can dynamically call all MATLAB functions hosted on the server instance.


my_client = MWHttpClient(url,[timeout_ms=timeout_ms])

Input Arguments

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URL of the server instance to which the client connects, specified as a string. This server instance hosts the MATLAB functions which the client can evaluate.

Number of milliseconds the client waits for a response from the server instance, specified as an integer.


<archive>.<func>Call a MATLAB function from a Python client
closeClose the connection to MATLAB Production Server instance, and release the resources used by the connection



Raised if there is a problem communicating with the server instance.


Raised if a function call fails to execute.


Raised if the specified timeout value is not a positive int or long.


Raised if the specified timeout value is less than zero.

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