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Location of a MATLAB Runtime installation


--mcr-root path


mcr-root specifies the location of an installed MATLAB® Runtime instance. If multiple MATLAB Runtime installations are available, then specify each installation on a separate line.


Specifying multiple MATLAB Runtime installations allows one MATLAB Production Server™ instance to support multiple versions of the MATLAB Runtime. Specifying multiple MATLAB Runtime installations of the same version has no effect on performance.

If multiple mcr-root settings are present, then the server uses dynamic worker pool management, where worker processes are started in response to demand and shut down in response to system resource utilization.

The server instance scans the list of provided MATLAB Runtime installations in order from first to last and chooses the first MATLAB Runtime installation capable of processing the request. A MATLAB Runtime installation can process a request if it is compatible with the deployable archive containing the function being evaluated.


  • A server instance should only be configured to use MATLAB Runtime roots on a local file system. Otherwise, a network partition may cause worker processes to fail.

  • All values for mcr-root must be for the same OS/hardware combination.



Path to the root folder of the MATLAB Runtime installation.


The special value mCRuNsETtOKEN indicates to the mps-start command that there is no MATLAB Runtime installation configured for this instance. Running the mps-start command results in an error.


Use the v80 version of the MATLAB Runtime.

--mcr-root /usr/local/MCR/v80

Use the v80 and v81 versions of the MATLAB Runtime.

--mcr-root /usr/local/MCR/v80
--mcr-root /usr/local/MCR/v81
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