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Turn profiling on or off


--profile state object


profile turns profiling on or off for different objects.


Activating profiling has a negative impact on performance.

In some circumstances, may be present when is not. This is a strong indication that worker_1 stopped and was restarted automatically. You can confirm this by checking the main log file.

When profiling is activated, messages similar to the following are included in the log.

12 [2014.02.27 10:13:28.075126] [profile] [SERVICE:http-connection]
[endpoint:[::]:9910] [client:] [request-id:0:1:5]
[type:arrive] [component:mymagic] [function:magic] 
Request arrived and was placed in the queue 
13 [2014.02.27 10:13:28.087752] [profile] [SERVICE:http-connection]
[endpoint:[::]:9910] [client:] [request-id:0:1:5]
[type:start] [worker:3] Request started executing on worker-3 
15 [2014.02.27 10:13:31.397266] [profile] [SERVICE:http-connection]
[endpoint:[::]:9910] [client:] [request-id:0:1:5]
[type:finish] [status:200] Request completed with HTTP status 200



Specifies if profiling is active. Valid values are:

  • on — Activate profiling.

  • off — Activate profiling.


The list of objects to change. Supported objects are:

  • requests

  • worker_pool

If no object is specified, all objects are changed.


Turn on request profiling.

--profile on requests

Turn on profiling for all objects.

--profile on
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