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Size threshold of server process at which action needs to be taken to manage responses


--server-memory-threshold SIZE


server-memory-threshold sets the memory size limit of a server process. If a server process’s size exceeds SIZE set by server-memory-threshold, then responses need to be either archived or purged by setting server-memory-threshold-overflow-action to archive_responses or purge_responses respectively. If server-memory-threshold is not set, then the responses will be bound to the server process causing the memory footprint of the server process to keep increasing. As a best practice, it is recommended that a client process delete a request after usage in order to prevent the memory of the server process from growing.



Threshold size of the server process.


Archive responses if the size of the server process in memory exceeds 500 MB.

--server-memory-threshold 500MB
--server-memory-threshold-overflow-action archive_responses

Purge responses if the size of the server process in memory exceeds 2 GB.

--server-memory-threshold 2GB
--server-memory-threshold-overflow-action purge_responses
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