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Neural Network Toolbox Examples

Function Fitting and Approximation

House Price EstimationScript

Pattern Recognition and Classification

Crab ClassificationScript
Wine ClassificationScript
Cancer Detection
Uses: Bioinformatics
Character RecognitionScript


Iris ClusteringScript
Gene Expression Analysis
Uses: Bioinformatics

Dynamic Modeling and Prediction

Maglev ModelingScript

Control Systems and Simulink

Predictive Control of a Tank ReactorPredictive Control of a Tank Reactor
Uses: Simulink
NARMA-L2 Control of a Magnet Levitation SystemNARMA-L2 Control of a Magnet Levitation System
Uses: Simulink
Reference Control of a Robot ArmReference Control of a Robot Arm
Uses: Simulink

Self-organizing Networks

Competitive LearningScript
One-Dimensional Self-organizing MapScript
Two-Dimensional Self-organizing MapScript

Adaptive Linear Filters

Pattern Association Showing Error SurfaceScript
Training a Linear NeuronScript
Adaptive Noise CancellationScript
Linear Fit of Nonlinear ProblemScript
Underdetermined ProblemScript
Linearly Dependent ProblemScript
Too Large a Learning RateScript

Radial Basis Networks

Radial Basis ApproximationScript
Radial Basis Underlapping NeuronsScript
Radial Basis Overlapping NeuronsScript
GRNN Function ApproximationScript
PNN ClassificationScript

LVQ Networks

Learning Vector QuantizationScript

Simple Applications

Linear Prediction DesignScript
Adaptive Linear PredictionScript

Hopfield Networks

Hopfield Two Neuron DesignScript
Hopfield Unstable EquilibriaScript
Hopfield Three Neuron DesignScript
Hopfield Spurious Stable PointsScript


Classification with a 2-Input PerceptronScript
Outlier Input VectorsScript
Normalized Perceptron RuleScript
Linearly Non-separable VectorsScript
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