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Neural Network Toolbox Applications

It would be impossible to cover the total range of applications for which neural networks have provided outstanding solutions. The remaining sections of this topic describe only a few of the applications in function fitting, pattern recognition, clustering, and time-series analysis. The following table provides an idea of the diversity of applications for which neural networks provide state-of-the-art solutions.


Business Applications


High-performance aircraft autopilot, flight path simulation, aircraft control systems, autopilot enhancements, aircraft component simulation, and aircraft component fault detection


Automobile automatic guidance system, and warranty activity analysis


Check and other document reading and credit application evaluation


Weapon steering, target tracking, object discrimination, facial recognition, new kinds of sensors, sonar, radar and image signal processing including data compression, feature extraction and noise suppression, and signal/image identification


Code sequence prediction, integrated circuit chip layout, process control, chip failure analysis, machine vision, voice synthesis, and nonlinear modeling


Animation, special effects, and market forecasting


Real estate appraisal, loan advising, mortgage screening, corporate bond rating, credit-line use analysis, credit card activity tracking, portfolio trading program, corporate financial analysis, and currency price prediction


Prediction of industrial processes, such as the output gases of furnaces, replacing complex and costly equipment used for this purpose in the past


Policy application evaluation and product optimization


Manufacturing process control, product design and analysis, process and machine diagnosis, real-time particle identification, visual quality inspection systems, beer testing, welding quality analysis, paper quality prediction, computer-chip quality analysis, analysis of grinding operations, chemical product design analysis, machine maintenance analysis, project bidding, planning and management, and dynamic modeling of chemical process system


Breast cancer cell analysis, EEG and ECG analysis, prosthesis design, optimization of transplant times, hospital expense reduction, hospital quality improvement, and emergency-room test advisement

Oil and gas



Trajectory control, forklift robot, manipulator controllers, and vision systems


Market analysis, automatic bond rating, and stock trading advisory systems


Speech recognition, speech compression, vowel classification, and text-to-speech synthesis


Image and data compression, automated information services, real-time translation of spoken language, and customer payment processing systems


Truck brake diagnosis systems, vehicle scheduling, and routing systems

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