Modeling and Prediction with NARX and Time-Delay Networks

Solve time-series problems using dynamic neural networks, including networks with feedback


nnstart Neural network getting started GUI
ntstool Neural network time series tool
view View neural network
timedelaynet Time delay neural network
narxnet Nonlinear autoregressive neural network with external input
narnet Nonlinear autoregressive neural network
layrecnet Layer recurrent neural network
distdelaynet Distributed delay network
train Train neural network
gensim Generate Simulink block for neural network simulation
adddelay Add delay to neural network response
removedelay Remove delay to neural network's response
closeloop Convert neural network open-loop feedback to closed loop
openloop Convert neural network closed-loop feedback to open loop
ploterrhist Plot error histogram
plotinerrcorr Plot input to error time-series cross-correlation
plotregression Plot linear regression
plotresponse Plot dynamic network time series response
ploterrcorr Plot autocorrelation of error time series
genFunction Generate MATLAB function for simulating neural network

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