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Convert neural network open-loop feedback to closed loop


net = closeloop(net)
[net,xi,ai] = closeloop(net,xi,ai)


net = closeloop(net) takes a neural network and closes any open-loop feedback. For each feedback output i whose property net.outputs{i}.feedbackMode is 'open', it replaces its associated feedback input and their input weights with layer weight connections coming from the output. The net.outputs{i}.feedbackMode property is set to 'closed', and the net.outputs{i}.feedbackInput property is set to an empty matrix. Finally, the value of net.outputs{i}.feedbackDelays is added to the delays of the feedback layer weights (i.e., to the delays values of the replaced input weights).

[net,xi,ai] = closeloop(net,xi,ai) converts an open-loop network and its current input delay states xi and layer delay states ai to closed-loop form.


Convert NARX Network to Closed-Loop Form

This example shows how to design a NARX network in open-loop form, then convert it to closed-loop form.

[X,T] = simplenarx_dataset;
net = narxnet(1:2,1:2,10);
[Xs,Xi,Ai,Ts] = preparets(net,X,{},T);
net = train(net,Xs,Ts,Xi,Ai);
Yopen = net(Xs,Xi,Ai)
net = closeloop(net)
[Xs,Xi,Ai,Ts] = preparets(net,X,{},T);
Ycloesed = net(Xs,Xi,Ai);

Convert Delay States

For examples on using closeloop and openloop to implement multistep prediction, see narxnet and narnet.

Introduced in R2010b

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