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Convert concurrent vectors to sequential vectors


S = con2seq(b)
S = con2seq(b,TS)


Neural Network Toolbox™ software arranges concurrent vectors with a matrix, and sequential vectors with a cell array (where the second index is the time step).

con2seq and seq2con allow concurrent vectors to be converted to sequential vectors, and back again.

S = con2seq(b) takes one input,


R-by-TS matrix

and returns one output,


1-by-TS cell array of R-by-1 vectors

S = con2seq(b,TS) can also convert multiple batches,


N-by-1 cell array of matrices with M*TS columns


Time steps

and returns


N-by-TS cell array of matrices with M columns


Here a batch of three values is converted to a sequence.

p1 = [1 4 2]
p2 = con2seq(p1)

Here, two batches of vectors are converted to two sequences with two time steps.

p1 = {[1 3 4 5; 1 1 7 4]; [7 3 4 4; 6 9 4 1]}
p2 = con2seq(p1,2)

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Introduced before R2006a

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