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Get neural network data elements




getelements(x,ind) returns the elements of neural network data x indicated by the indices ind. The neural network data may be in matrix or cell array form.

If x is a matrix, the result is the ind rows of x.

If x is a cell array, the result is a cell array with as many columns as x, whose elements (1,i) are matrices containing the ind rows of [x{:,i}].


This code gets elements 1 and 3 from matrix data:

x = [1 2 3; 4 7 4]
y = getelements(x,[1 3])

This code gets elements 1 and 3 from cell array data:

x = {[1:3; 4:6] [7:9; 10:12]; [13:15] [16:18]}
y = getelements(x,[1 3])

Introduced in R2010b

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