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Ranges of matrix rows


pr = minmax(P)


pr = minmax(P) takes one argument,


R-by-Q matrix

and returns the R-by-2 matrix PR of minimum and maximum values for each row of P.

Alternatively, P can be an M-by-N cell array of matrices. Each matrix P{i,j} should have Ri rows and Q columns. In this case, minmax returns an M-by-1 cell array where the mth matrix is an Ri-by-2 matrix of the minimum and maximum values of elements for the matrix on the ith row of P.


P = [0 1 2; -1 -2 -0.5]
pr = minmax(P)
P = {[0 1; -1 -2] [2 3 -2; 8 0 2]; [1 -2] [9 7 3]};
pr = minmax(P)

Introduced before R2006a

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