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Data Reading and Writing

Read and write OPC server data synchronously or asynchronously


readRead data synchronously from OPC groups or items
readasyncRead data asynchronously from group or items
writeWrite values to group or items
writeasyncAsynchronously write values to group or items
cancelasyncCancel asynchronous read and write operations

Examples and How To

Read and Write Data

Describes how to use group and item objects to read and write data synchronously and asynchronously.

Work with Structure-Formatted Data

Describes how OPC Toolbox™ software arranges data in structure formats.


OPC Data: Value, Quality, and TimeStamp

Describes the Value, Quality, and TimeStamp elements that make up OPC data.

Array-Formatted Data

Describes how you can use array formats returned by OPC Toolbox software.

Work with Different Data Types

Describes how OPC Toolbox software deals with MATLAB® data types and OPC server data types.

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