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OPC Toolbox Properties

Alphabetical List By Category
AccessRightsInherent nature of access to item
ActiveGroup or item activation state
CancelAsyncFcnCallback function file to execute when asynchronous operation is canceled
CanonicalDataTypeServer's data type for item
DataChangeFcnCallback function file to execute when data change event occurs
DataTypeClient item's data type
DeadbandPercentPercentage change in item value that causes subscription callback
ErrorFcnCallback function file to execute when error event occurs
EventLogEvent information log
EventLogMaxMaximum number of events to store in event log
GroupData Access Group objects contained by client
GroupTypePublic status of dagroup object
HostDNS name or IP address of server
ItemData Access Item objects contained by group
ItemIDFully qualified ID on OPC server
LogFileNameName of disk file to which logged data is written
LoggingStatus of data logging
LoggingModeSpecify destination for logged data
LogToDiskModeMethod of disk file handling for logged data
NameDescriptive name for OPC Toolbox object
ParentOPC Toolbox object that contains dagroup or daitem object
QualityQuality of data value
QualityIDQuality of data value as 16-bit integer
ReadAsyncFcnCallback function file to execute when asynchronous read completes
RecordsAcquiredNumber of records acquired
RecordsAcquiredFcnCallback function file to execute when RecordsAcquired event occurs
RecordsAcquiredFcnCountNumber of records to acquire before RecordsAcquired event occurs
RecordsAvailableNumber of records available in OPC Toolbox engine
RecordsToAcquireNumber of records to acquire for logging session
ScanRateFastest possible data update rate
ServerIDServer identity
ShutDownFcnCallback function file to execute when OPC server shuts down
StartFcnCallback function file to execute immediately before logging starts
StatusStatus of connection to OPC server
StopFcnCallback function file to execute immediately after logging stops
SubscriptionEnable server update when data changes
TagLabel to associate with OPC Toolbox object
TimeBiasTime bias of group
TimeoutMaximum time to wait for completion of instruction to server
TimerFcnCallback function file to execute when predefined period passes
TimerPeriodPeriod between timer events
TimeStampTime when item was last read
TypeOPC Toolbox object type
UpdateRateRate, in seconds, at which subscription callbacks occur
UserDataData to associate with OPC Toolbox object
ValueItem value
WriteAsyncFcnCallback function file to execute when asynchronous write completes
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