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Server Connection and Browsing

Connect to OPC servers and browse their name spaces


opcfind Find OPC Toolbox objects with specific properties
opcda Construct OPC data access object
opchda Create OPC historical data access client
opcua (opcua) Construct OPC UA client object
opcuanode (opcua) Construct OPC UA node objects
connect Connect OPC Toolbox client to server
isConnected True if HDA Client is connected to server
disconnect Disconnect OPC Toolbox client from server
propinfo Property information for OPC Toolbox objects
obj2mfile Convert OPC Toolbox object to MATLAB code
opcreset Disconnect and delete all OPC Toolbox objects
opc.hda.reset Disconnect and delete all OPC HDA client objects
getnamespace (opcda) OPC data access server name space
getNameSpace (opchda) OPC historical data access server name space
getNamespace (opcua) Namespace of server associated with client
browsenamespace (opcda) Graphically browse OPC DA server name space
browseNameSpace (opchda) Graphically browse OPC HDA server name space
browseNamespace (opcua) Graphically browse name space and select nodes from server
flatnamespace Flatten hierarchical OPC name space
serveritems Query server or name space for fully qualified item IDs
opcserverinfo Version, server, and status information
opchdaserverinfo Query host for installed HDA servers
opcuaserverinfo (opcua) Query host for installed OPC UA servers
readItemAttributes Read item attribute values from OPC HDA server
serveritemprops Property information for items in OPC server name space
getDescription Get description of OPC HDA aggregate type or item attribute
getIDFromName Translate OPC HDA aggregate type or item attribute name to numeric identifier
getIDList Get all aggregate type or item attribute IDs
getNameList Get all aggregate type or item attribute names
copyobj Make copy of OPC data access object
delete Remove OPC Toolbox objects from memory
isvalid True for undeleted OPC Toolbox objects
save Save OPC Toolbox objects to MAT-file
load Load OPC Toolbox objects from MAT-file
disp Summary of information for OPC Toolbox objects
get OPC Toolbox object properties
set Configure or display OPC Toolbox object properties
opchelp Help for OPC Toolbox data access function or property


OPC Data Access Explorer Explore and exchange data with OPC Data Access servers


Group Data Access Group objects contained by client
Name Descriptive name for OPC Toolbox object
Tag Label to associate with OPC Toolbox object
Type OPC Toolbox object type
UserData Data to associate with OPC Toolbox object
Host DNS name or IP address of server
ServerID Server identity
Status Status of connection to OPC server
Timeout Maximum time to wait for completion of instruction to server

Examples and How To

Connect to OPC Data Access Servers

Describes how to create OPC Toolbox™ Data Access client objects and connect to OPC servers.

Create an OPC HDA Client Object

After determining the host name and server ID of the OPC server you want to connect to, you can create an OPC HDA client object.

Connect to the OPC HDA Server

OPC HDA client objects are not automatically connected to the server when they are created.

Set Client Properties

You can modify many properties specific to the created client.

Read Item Attributes

Each item that you find on a server might have a given set of item attributes associated with it.


OPC DA Server Item Properties

All server items defined in an OPC server name space have associated properties that describe that server item in more detail.

OPC Toolbox HDA Objects

OPC Toolbox uses MATLAB objects to implement OPC HDA client functionality.

OPC UA Components

OPC Toolbox provides an OPC UA client to connect to OPC UA servers.

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