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browseNameSpace (opchda)

Graphically browse OPC HDA server name space


  • ItmList = browseNameSpace(HdaObj)
  • ItmList = browseNameSpace(HdaObj,ItmListInit)
  • ItmList = browseNameSpace(HdaObj,ItmListInit,true)



ItmList = browseNameSpace(HdaObj) opens a graphical name space browser for the OPC HDA client object HdaObj. Use the graphical interface to construct a list of items and return a list of those fully qualified item IDs in ItmList. Use ItmList to retrieve data for those items with function readraw, readprocessed, readattime, or readmodified.

The name space is retrieved from the server incrementally, as needed.

ItmList = browseNameSpace(HdaObj,ItmListInit) lets you specify an initial list of item IDs to be augmented.

ItmList = browseNameSpace(HdaObj,ItmListInit,true) loads the entire name space into the dialog.


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Connect to the local Matrikon Simulation server and browse for items.

HdaObj = opchda('localhost','Matrikon.OPC.Simulation');
ItmList = browseNameSpace(HdaObj);

Input Arguments

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OPC HDA client, specified as an OPC HDA client object.

Initial list of OPC HDA items, specified as an array of OPC HDA items.

Indicator to load the entire name space, specified as true. Use this option only if your server does not support partial name space browsing.

Data Types: logical

Output Arguments

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List of OPC HDA items, returned as an array of OPC HDA items.

Introduced in R2013a

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