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Class: opc.hda.Data
Package: opc.hda

Indices matching OPC HDA data item IDs


ind = getIndexFromID(dObj, 'itemID')
ind = getIndexFromID(dObj, idCell)


ind = getIndexFromID(dObj, 'itemID') returns the index of HDA data object array dObj that matches the item ID 'itemID'.

ind = getIndexFromID(dObj, idCell) returns the indices of HDA data object array dObj that match the item IDs contained in the cell array idCell. idCell must be a cell array of character vectors.


Load the OPC HDA example data file and find the index of 'Item Example.Item.2':

load opcdemoHDAData;
ind = getIndexFromID(hdaDataVis, 'Example.Item.2');
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