OPC data access part of quality ID as strings


[MajorStr, SubStr, LimitStr] = opc.daQualityString(IDs)


[MajorStr, SubStr, LimitStr] = opc.daQualityString(IDs) converts the data access (DA) portion of the OPC quality IDs in IDs to the major string MajorStr, substatus string SubStr, and limit string LimitStr.

If IDs is a vector, each of MajorStr, SubStr, and LimitStr are cell strings the same size as IDs.


Load the OPC HDA example data file and find the qualities of the time stamp union of hdaDataSmall:

load opcdemoHDAData;
newObj = tsunion(hdaDataSmall);
[majorStr, subStr, limitStr] = opc.daQualityString(newObj.Quality);
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