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Query host for installed HDA servers


S = opc.hda.getServerInfo('HostName') queries the host named HostName for the OPC HDA servers installed on that host. 'HostName' can be a host name, or IP address.

S is returned as a vector of OPC HDA ServerInfo objects, containing the following read-only properties.

Property NameDescription
HostThe host name passed to getServerInfo
ServerIDThe programmatic Server ID to use when constructing an HDA Client object associated with the server
DescriptionA text description of the server
HDASpecificationA character vector denoting the HDA specification supported. Currently, only 'HDA1' will be returned in this property.

Using the ServerInfo objects in S, you can find a particular server based on the Description property using findDescription(S, 'StartText'), or you can construct a client by passing the relevant element of S to the opchda function.

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Introduced in R2011a

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