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OPC UA client object


Use the OPC UA Client to connect to an OPC UA server, browse the server’s name space, and read and write data from and to the server.


Use the opcua function to construct clients in your MATLAB session associated with a particular OPC UA server.


browseNamespace (opcua)Graphically browse name space and select nodes from server
connect (opcua)Connect OPC UA client to server
disconnect (opcua)Disconnect OPC UA client from its server
getNamespace (opcua)Namespace of server associated with client
getNodeAttributes (opcua)Read server node attributes
getServerStatus (opcua)Status of OPC UA server
isConnected (opcua)Determine if OPC UA client object is connected to server
readAtTime (opcua)Read historical data from nodes of an OPC UA server at specific times
readHistory (opcua)Read historical data from nodes on OPC UA server
readProcessed (opcua)Read aggregate data from nodes of an OPC UA server
readValue (opcua)Read values from nodes on OPC UA server
writeValue (opcua)Write values to nodes on OPC UA server


HostnameServer host name or IP address
PortPort number used for TCP/IP connections to the server
NameServer description
TimeoutTime to wait for all operations on the server to complete
EndpointUrlURL to use for connection to the server
NamespaceServer namespace nodes
UserDataFree-form container for user-defined data to associate with the client
MinSampleRateMinimum sample rate in seconds that the server can generally support
AggregateFunctionsList of aggregate functions supported by this server
MaxHistoryValuesPerNodeMaximum history values returned per node in historical read operations
MaxHistoryReadNodesMaximum number of nodes supported by historical read operations
MaxReadNodesMaximum number of nodes supported per read operation
MaxWriteNodesMaximum number of nodes supported per write operation
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