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OPC UA node object


An OPC UA node object stores information about a node in an OPC UA server. You can read and write current data, and read historical data using variable nodes. You can browse the name space using object and variable nodes.

A node’s type is described by its NodeType property, which can indicate an 'Object' or 'Variable' type. Variable type nodes can contain data values, while object type nodes cannot contain values. Each node type can contain other nodes: object nodes can contain object and variable nodes, variable nodes can contain other variable nodes.


Use the opcuanode function to construct nodes in your MATLAB session.


findNodeById (opcua)Find nodes by namespace index and identifier
findNodeByName (opcua)Find nodes by name
getAllChildren (opcua)Recursively retrieve all children of node
getNodeAttributes (opcua)Read server node attributes
isEmptyNode (opcua)True for empty nodes of OPC UA node array
isObjectType (opcua)True for object nodes of OPC UA server
isVariableType (opcua)True for variable nodes of OPC UA server
readAtTime (opcua)Read historical data from nodes of an OPC UA server at specific times
readHistory (opcua)Read historical data from nodes on OPC UA server
readProcessed (opcua)Read aggregate data from nodes of an OPC UA server
readValue (opcua)Read values from nodes on OPC UA server
writeValue (opcua)Write values to nodes on OPC UA server


Identity properties
NameDisplay name for the node.
NodeTypeType of node: 'Object' or 'Variable'.
NamespaceIndexNamespace index for this node.
IdentifierTypeType of identifier: 'string', 'numeric', or 'GUID'.
IdentifierUnique identifier. A character vector or integer, depending on the IdentifierType.
Relationship properties
ParentParent node of this node.
ChildrenChild nodes of this node.
ClientReference to OPC UA client associated with the node.
FullyQualifiedIdCharacter vector that uniquely describes this node.
Essential attributes
DescriptionCharacter vector describing the node.
MinimumSamplingIntervalMinimum rate at which node value can change.
HistorizingTrue if the server is storing history for the node.
ServerDataTypeOPC UA data type for node.
Informative attributes
AccessLevelCurrentUser access level to current value: 'none', 'read', 'write', 'read/write'.
AccessLevelHistoryUser access level to historical values: 'none', 'read', 'write', 'read/write'.
ServerValueRankSize restrictions on the server value: 'unrestricted', 'scalar', 'vector', or 'array'.
ServerArrayDimensionsArray dimensions of the server value. Might be empty, as this property is optional for servers.
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