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Install and register OPC Foundation Core Components


opcregister(..., '-silent')


opcregister installs the OPC Foundation Core Components so that OPC Toolbox™ software is able to communicate with OPC servers.

opcregister('repair') repairs an existing OPC Foundation Core Components installation. Use this option if you are experiencing problems querying hosts with the opcserverinfo function.

opcregister('remove') removes all OPC Foundation Core Components from your workstation. Use this option if you no longer wish to access any servers using OPC.

opcregister(..., '-silent') runs the selected option without prompting you for confirmation, and without showing any progress dialog. Note that your machine might be restarted without prompting you if you choose this option. If you are concerned about restarting your machine, do not use the '-silent' option.


You must clear any OPC Toolbox objects that you have previously created in this MATLAB® session before you can run opcregister. If you attempt to run opcregister and OPC Toolbox objects already exist, an error is generated. Use opcreset to clear objects from the MATLAB session.

OPC Foundation Core Components are redistributed under license from the OPC Foundation,

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Introduced before R2006a

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