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Class: opc.hda.Data
Package: opc.hda

Plot OPC HDA data object as lines


plot(dObj, 'Parent', AX)
plot(dObj, ....)
pH = plot(dObj, ...)


plot(dObj) plots the data in OPC HDA data object dObj. Each element of dObj is plotted into the current axes as the value against its time stamp. Quality is not displayed in the plot.

plot(dObj, 'Parent', AX) plots the data into the axes of handle AX.

plot(dObj, ....) passes any additional arguments to the MATLAB® plot function. Use this syntax to define colors and line styles for the data, or to modify other properties of the plotted data.

pH = plot(dObj, ...) returns the handles to the created line series objects in pH.

In all cases, if the current plot is not held, the X-axis is updated using datetick to show date ticks instead of numeric ticks.


Load the OPC HDA example data file and plot the hdaDataVis object:

load opcSampleHdaData;

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