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Remove public group from server




removepublicgroup(DAObj,'PublicGroupName') removes the public group PublicGroupName from the server that DAObj is connected to. DAObj must be a connected opcda object.

If the public group has clients using that group, removepublicgroup issues a warning; then it removes the group from the server only when all clients have stopped using that group. No additional clients can connect to that group after you call removepublicgroup.

Not all OPC data access servers support public groups. If you try to make a public group on a server that does not support public groups, you get an error. To verify that a server supports public groups, use the opcserverinfo function on the client connected to that server: Look for an entry 'IOPCPublicGroups' in the 'SupportedInterfaces' field.


Connect to the server Dummy.Server and remove the public group named PGroup.

da = opcda('localhost','Dummy.Server');

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Introduced before R2006a

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