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Unified Architecture

Access data on OPC UA servers


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opcuaserverinfo (opcua)Query host for installed OPC UA servers
opcua (opcua)Construct OPC UA client object
connect (opcua)Connect OPC UA client to server
disconnect (opcua)Disconnect OPC UA client from its server
isConnected (opcua)Determine if OPC UA client object is connected to server
getServerStatus (opcua)Status of OPC UA server
findDescription (opcua)Find OPC UA servers containing specified description
opcuanode (opcua)Construct OPC UA node objects
getNamespace (opcua)Namespace of server associated with client
browseNamespace (opcua)Graphically browse name space and select nodes from server
readValue (opcua)Read values from nodes on OPC UA server
writeValue (opcua)Write values to nodes on OPC UA server
readHistory (opcua)Read historical data from nodes on OPC UA server
readAtTime (opcua)Read historical data from nodes of an OPC UA server at specific times
readProcessed (opcua)Read aggregate data from nodes of an OPC UA server
findNodeByName (opcua)Find nodes by name
findNodeById (opcua)Find nodes by namespace index and identifier
isEmptyNode (opcua)True for empty nodes of OPC UA node array
isVariableType (opcua)True for variable nodes of OPC UA server
isObjectType (opcua)True for object nodes of OPC UA server
getNodeAttributes (opcua)Read server node attributes
getAllChildren (opcua)Recursively retrieve all children of node

Classes UA server information object UA client object UA node object UA node aggregate function ID enumeration

Examples and How To

Access Data from OPC UA Servers

Create an OPC UA application by retrieving current and historical data.


About OPC Unified Architecture

The OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) standard combines all the capabilities of OPC Data Access and OPC Historical Data Access standards (together, referred to as "OPC Classic") and adds various additional capabilities into a single, extensible standard.

OPC UA Components

Description of OPC UA components and their interactions.

OPC UA Server Data Types

Descriptions of OPC UA data values.

Featured Examples