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Set and Change Options

The recommended way to set options is to use the optimoptions function. For example, to set the fmincon algorithm to sqp, set iterative display, and set a small value of the ConstraintTolerance tolerance:

options = optimoptions('fmincon',...

    Note:   Use optimset instead of optimoptions for the fminbnd, fminsearch, fzero, and lsqnonneg solvers. These are the solvers that do not require an Optimization Toolbox™ license.

Change options as follows:

  • Dot notation. For example,

    options.StepTolerance = 1e-10;
  • optimoptions. For example,

    options = optimoptions(options,'StepTolerance',1e-10);
  • Reset an option to default using resetoptions. For example,

    options = resetoptions(options,'StepTolerance');

    Reset more than one option at a time by passing a cell array of option names, such as {'Algorithm','StepTolerance'}.

    Note:   Ensure that you pass options in your solver call. For example,

    [x,fval] = fmincon(@objfun,x0,[],[],[],[],lb,ub,@nonlcon,options);

You can also set and change options using the Optimization App.

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