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3-D Geometry

Define 3-D geometry problems

For 3-D problems, the toolbox works with faceted geometry. Create a 3-D geometry using one of these approaches:

  • Import a stereo lithography (or STL) file into MATLAB®. The STL file format is native to 3-D CAD software and provides a standard format to import 3-D geometries for analysis with the toolbox.

  • Import a tetrahedral mesh by using the geometryFromMesh function.

  • Create geometry from a 3-D point cloud or a triangulated surface mesh. Use alphaShape to create a surface mesh of a point cloud. Use geometryFromMesh to create the geometry from a surface mesh.

For details, see Create and View 3-D Geometry.


geometryFromMesh Create 3-D geometry from a triangulated mesh
importGeometry Import 3-D geometry
pdegplot Plot PDE geometry


DiscreteGeometry Properties 3-D geometry description


Programmatic Workflow

Create and View 3-D Geometry

Choose a method for obtaining a 3-D geometry.

Functions That Support 3-D Geometry

A list of Partial Differential Equation Toolbox™ functions that can work with 3-D PDEs.

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