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DC Conduction and Elliptic Problems

Solve PDEs that model direct current electrical conduction or other elliptic problems

The direct current conduction problems, such as electrolysis and computation of resistances of grounding plates, involve a steady current passing through a conductive medium. Current density J is related to the electric field E as J = σE, where σ is the conductivity of the medium. Combining the continuity equation ∇ · J = Q, where Q is the current source, with the definition of the electric potential V yields the elliptic Poisson's equation:

–∇ · (σV) = Q.

Use the Dirichlet boundary condition to assign values of the electric potential V to the boundaries. Typically, the boundaries are metallic conductors. Use the Neumann boundary conditions if the value of the normal component of the current density (n · (σV)) is known. You also can specify a generalized Neumann condition defined by n · (σV) + qV = g, where q is interpreted as film conductance for thin plates. For details, see Conductive Media DC.


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