Partial Differential Equation Toolbox Functions

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adaptmesh Adaptive 2-D mesh generation and PDE solution
applyBoundaryCondition Add boundary condition to PDEModel container
assema Assemble area integral contributions
assemb Assemble boundary condition contributions
assempde Assemble finite element matrices and solve elliptic PDE
createpde Create PDE model
createPDEResults Create PDEResults object
csgchk Check validity of Geometry Description matrix
csgdel Delete borders between minimal regions
decsg Decompose Constructive Solid Geometry into minimal regions
dst Discrete sine transform
evaluate Interpolate data to selected locations
generateMesh Create triangular or tetrahedral mesh
geometryFromEdges Create 2-D geometry
geometryFromMesh Create 3-D geometry from a triangulated mesh
hyperbolic Solve hyperbolic PDE problem
idst Discrete sine transform
importGeometry Import 3-D geometry
initmesh Create initial 2-D mesh
interpolateSolution Interpolate PDE solution to arbitrary points
jigglemesh Jiggle internal points of triangular mesh
meshToPet [p,e,t] representation of FEMesh data
parabolic Solve parabolic PDE problem
pdeadgsc Select triangles using relative tolerance criterion
pdeadworst Select triangles relative to worst value
pdearcl Interpolation between parametric representation and arc length
pdeBoundaryConditions Boundary conditions
pdecgrad Flux of PDE solution
pdecirc Draw circle
pdecont Shorthand command for contour plot
pdeeig Solve eigenvalue PDE problem
pdeellip Draw ellipse
pdeent Indices of triangles neighboring given set of triangles
pdeGeometryFromEdges Create geometry object
pdegplot Plot PDE geometry
pdegrad Gradient of PDE solution
pdeInterpolant Interpolant for nodal data to selected locations
pdeintrp Interpolate from node data to triangle midpoint data
pdejmps Error estimates for adaptation
pdemdlcv Convert Partial Differential Equation Toolbox 1.0 model files to 1.0.2 format
pdemesh Plot PDE mesh
pdenonlin Solve nonlinear elliptic PDE problem
pdeplot Plot solution in 2-D geometry
pdeplot3D Plot 3-D solution or surface mesh
pdepoly Draw polygon
pdeprtni Interpolate from triangle midpoint data to node data
pderect Draw rectangle
PDEResults PDE results object
pdesde Indices of points/edges/triangles in set of subdomains
pdesdp Indices of points/edges/triangles in set of subdomains
pdesdt Indices of points/edges/triangles in set of subdomains
pdesmech Calculate structural mechanics tensor functions
pdesurf Shorthand command for surface plot
pdetool Open PDE app
pdetrg Triangle geometry data
pdetriq Triangle quality measure
poiasma Boundary point matrix contributions for fast solvers of Poisson's equation
poicalc Fast solver for Poisson's equation on rectangular grid
poiindex Indices of points in canonical ordering for rectangular grid
poimesh Make regular mesh on rectangular geometry
poisolv Fast solution of Poisson's equation on rectangular grid
refinemesh Refine triangular mesh
sptarn Solve generalized sparse eigenvalue problem
tri2grid Interpolate from PDE triangular mesh to rectangular grid
wbound Write boundary condition specification file
wgeom Write geometry specification function
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