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Partial Differential Equation Toolbox Functions

Alphabetical List By Category
adaptmeshAdaptive 2-D mesh generation and PDE solution
applyBoundaryConditionAdd boundary condition to PDEModel container
assema(Not recommended) Assemble area integral contributions
assemb(Not recommended) Assemble boundary condition contributions
assembleFEMatricesAssemble finite element matrices
assempde(Not recommended) Assemble finite element matrices and solve elliptic PDE
createpdeCreate a model
createPDEResultsCreate solution object
csgchkCheck validity of Geometry Description matrix
csgdelDelete borders between minimal regions
decsgDecompose constructive solid geometry into minimal regions
dst(Not recommended) Discrete sine transform
EigenResultsPDE eigenvalue solution and derived quantities
evaluateInterpolate data to selected locations
evaluateCGradientEvaluate flux of PDE solution
evaluateGradientEvaluate gradients of PDE solutions at arbitrary points
evaluateHeatFluxEvaluate heat flux of a thermal solution at nodal or arbitrary spatial locations
evaluateHeatRateEvaluate integrated heat flow rate normal to specified boundary
evaluatePrincipalStrainEvaluate principal strain at nodal locations
evaluatePrincipalStressEvaluate principal stress at nodal locations
evaluateReactionEvaluate reaction forces on boundary
evaluateTemperatureGradientEvaluate temperature gradient of a thermal solution at arbitrary spatial locations
findBodyLoadFind body load assigned to geometric region
findBoundaryConditionsFind boundary condition assignment for a geometric region
findCoefficientsLocate active PDE coefficients
findHeatSourceFind heat source assigned to a geometric region
findInitialConditionsLocate active initial conditions
findStructuralBCFind structural boundary conditions and boundary loads assigned to geometric region
findStructuralPropertiesFind structural material properties assigned to geometric region
findThermalBCFind thermal boundary conditions assigned to a geometric region
findThermalICFind thermal initial conditions assigned to a geometric region
findThermalPropertiesFind thermal material properties assigned to a geometric region
generateMeshCreate triangular or tetrahedral mesh
geometryFromEdgesCreate 2-D geometry
geometryFromMeshCreate 3-D geometry from a triangulated mesh
hyperbolic(Not recommended) Solve hyperbolic PDE problem
importGeometryImport geometry from STL data
initmeshCreate initial 2-D mesh
internalHeatSourceSpecify internal heat source for a thermal model
interpolateDisplacementInterpolate displacement at arbitrary spatial locations
interpolateSolutionInterpolate PDE solution to arbitrary points
interpolateStrainInterpolate strain at arbitrary spatial locations
interpolateStressInterpolate stress at arbitrary spatial locations
interpolateTemperatureInterpolate temperature in a thermal result at arbitrary spatial locations
interpolateVonMisesStressInterpolate von Mises stress at arbitrary spatial locations
jigglemesh(Not recommended) Jiggle internal points of triangular mesh
meshToPet[p,e,t] representation of FEMesh data
multicuboidCreate geometry formed by several cubic cells
multicylinderCreate geometry formed by several cylindrical cells
multisphereCreate geometry formed by several spherical cells
parabolic(Not recommended) Solve parabolic PDE problem
pdeadgsc(Not recommended) Select triangles using relative tolerance criterion
pdeadworst(Not recommended) Select triangles relative to worst value
pdearclInterpolation between parametric representation and arc length
pdecgradFlux of PDE solution
pdecircDraw circle
pdecontShorthand command for contour plot
pdeeig(Not recommended) Solve eigenvalue PDE problem
pdeellipDraw ellipse
pdeentIndices of triangles neighboring given set of triangles
pdegplotPlot PDE geometry
pdegradGradient of PDE solution
pdeInterpolantInterpolant for nodal data to selected locations
pdeintrp(Not recommended) Interpolate from node data to triangle midpoint data
pdejmps(Not recommended) Error estimates for adaptation
pdemeshPlot PDE mesh
PDEModelPDE model object
pdeModelerOpen PDE Modeler app
pdenonlin(Not recommended) Solve nonlinear elliptic PDE problem
pdeplotPlot solution or mesh for 2-D geometry
pdeplot3DPlot solution or surface mesh for 3-D geometry
pdepolyDraw polygon
pdeprtni(Not recommended) Interpolate from triangle midpoint data to node data
pderectDraw rectangle
pdesdpIndices of points/edges/triangles in set of subdomains
pdesmech(Not recommended) Calculate structural mechanics tensor functions
pdesurfShorthand command for surface plot
pdetrgTriangle geometry data
pdetriqTriangle quality measure
poiasma(Not recommended) Boundary point matrix contributions for fast solvers of Poisson's equation
poicalcFast solver for Poisson's equation on rectangular grid
poiindex(Not recommended) Indices of points in canonical ordering for rectangular grid
poimesh(Not recommended) Make regular mesh on rectangular geometry
poisolv(Not recommended) Fast solution of Poisson's equation on rectangular grid
refinemeshRefine triangular mesh
setInitialConditionsGive initial conditions or initial solution
solveSolve heat transfer or structural analysis problem
solvepdeSolve PDE specified in a PDEModel
solvepdeeigSolve PDE eigenvalue problem specified in a PDEModel
specifyCoefficientsSpecify coefficients in a PDE model
sptarn(Not recommended) Solve generalized sparse eigenvalue problem
StaticStructuralResultsStatic structural solution and its derived quantities
StationaryResultsTime-independent PDE solution and derived quantities
SteadyStateThermalResultsSteady-state thermal solution and derived quantities
structuralBC Specify boundary conditions for a structural model
structuralBodyLoadSpecify body load for a structural model
structuralBoundaryLoadSpecify boundary loads for a structural model
StructuralModelStructural model object
structuralPropertiesAssign structural properties of a material for a structural model
thermalBCSpecify boundary conditions for a thermal model
thermalICSet initial conditions or initial guess for a thermal model
ThermalModelThermal model object
thermalPropertiesAssign thermal properties of a material for a thermal model
TimeDependentResultsTtime-dependent PDE solution and derived quantities
TransientThermalResultsTransient thermal solution and derived quantities
tri2grid(Not recommended) Interpolate from PDE triangular mesh to rectangular grid
wbound(Not recommended) Write boundary condition specification file
wgeomWrite geometry specification function
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