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Partial Differential Equation Toolbox Functions

Alphabetical List By Category

PDE Problem Setup

PDE Problem Setup Basics

createpde Create PDE model
pdetool Open PDE app
PDEModel PDE model container

2-D Geometry

geometryFromEdges Create 2-D geometry
pdegplot Plot PDE geometry
decsg Decompose constructive solid geometry into minimal regions
csgchk Check validity of Geometry Description matrix
csgdel Delete borders between minimal regions
pdearcl Interpolation between parametric representation and arc length
wgeom Write geometry specification function
pdetool Open PDE app
pdecirc Draw circle
pdeellip Draw ellipse
pdepoly Draw polygon
pderect Draw rectangle

3-D Geometry

geometryFromMesh Create 3-D geometry from a triangulated mesh
importGeometry Import 3-D geometry
pdegplot Plot PDE geometry

Boundary Conditions

applyBoundaryCondition Add boundary condition to PDEModel container
findBoundaryConditions Find boundary condition assignment for a geometric region

PDE Coefficients

findCoefficients Locate active PDE coefficients
specifyCoefficients Specify coefficients in a PDE model


generateMesh Create triangular or tetrahedral mesh
pdemesh Plot PDE mesh
adaptmesh Adaptive 2-D mesh generation and PDE solution
initmesh Create initial 2-D mesh
meshToPet [p,e,t] representation of FEMesh data
jigglemesh Jiggle internal points of triangular mesh
refinemesh Refine triangular mesh
pdeent Indices of triangles neighboring given set of triangles
pdesdp Indices of points/edges/triangles in set of subdomains
pdesde Indices of points/edges/triangles in set of subdomains
pdesdt Indices of points/edges/triangles in set of subdomains
pdetrg Triangle geometry data
pdetriq Triangle quality measure

Initial Conditions

findInitialConditions Locate active initial conditions
setInitialConditions Give initial conditions or initial solution

PDE Solvers

assembleFEMatrices Assemble finite element matrices
solvepde Solve PDE specified in a PDEModel
solvepdeeig Solve PDE eigenvalue problem specified in a PDEModel
adaptmesh Adaptive 2-D mesh generation and PDE solution

Solution Visualization and Interpolation

evaluateGradient Evaluate gradients of PDE solutions at arbitrary points
evaluateCGradient Evaluate flux of PDE solution
interpolateSolution Interpolate PDE solution to arbitrary points
pdeplot Plot solution in 2-D geometry
pdeplot3D Plot 3-D solution or surface mesh
createPDEResults Create solution object
evaluate Interpolate data to selected locations
pdecont Shorthand command for contour plot
pdecgrad Flux of PDE solution
pdegrad Gradient of PDE solution
pdesurf Shorthand command for surface plot
EigenResults Contain PDE eigenvalue solution and derived quantities
StationaryResults Contain time-independent PDE solution and derived quantities
TimeDependentResults Contain time-dependent PDE solution and derived quantities
pdeInterpolant Interpolant for nodal data to selected locations