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Generate mesh for solver

The toolbox uses the finite element method (FEM) to solve PDEs. Create a mesh using the generateMesh function. A PDE model stores the generated mesh as an FEMesh object in its Mesh property. For details, see Mesh Data.


generateMeshCreate triangular or tetrahedral mesh
pdemeshPlot PDE mesh
adaptmeshAdaptive 2-D mesh generation and PDE solution
initmeshCreate initial 2-D mesh
meshToPet[p,e,t] representation of FEMesh data
jigglemesh(Not recommended) Jiggle internal points of triangular mesh
refinemeshRefine triangular mesh
pdeentIndices of triangles neighboring given set of triangles
pdesdpIndices of points/edges/triangles in set of subdomains
pdesdeIndices of points/edges/triangles in set of subdomains
pdesdtIndices of points/edges/triangles in set of subdomains
pdetrgTriangle geometry data
pdetriqTriangle quality measure


FEMesh PropertiesMesh object


PDE Modeler App Workflow

Specify Mesh Parameters in the PDE Modeler App

Interactively specify parameters of the mesh.

Algorithms and Other Theory

Mesh Data

Choose an approach for specifying the mesh.

Adaptive Mesh Refinement

Description of Partial Differential Equation Toolbox™ mesh refinement

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