PDE Solvers

Solve elliptic, parabolic, hyperbolic, and eigenvalue problems, or assemble finite element matrices



assembleFEMatrices Assemble finite element matrices
solvepde Solve PDE specified in a PDEModel
solvepdeeig Solve PDE eigenvalue problem specified in a PDEModel


adaptmesh Adaptive 2-D mesh generation and PDE solution
assempde Assemble finite element matrices and solve elliptic PDE
assema Assemble area integral contributions
assemb Assemble boundary condition contributions
dst Discrete sine transform
idst Discrete sine transform
hyperbolic Solve hyperbolic PDE problem
parabolic Solve parabolic PDE problem
pdeeig Solve eigenvalue PDE problem
pdejmps Error estimates for adaptation
pdenonlin Solve nonlinear elliptic PDE problem
poiasma Boundary point matrix contributions for fast solvers of Poisson's equation
poicalc Fast solver for Poisson's equation on rectangular grid
poiindex Indices of points in canonical ordering for rectangular grid
poisolv Fast solution of Poisson's equation on rectangular grid
sptarn Solve generalized sparse eigenvalue problem


pdetool Open PDE app

Examples and How To

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