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Partial Differential Equation Toolbox Properties - By Category

Alphabetical List By Category

PDE Problem Setup


AnalyticGeometry Properties2-D geometry description
DiscreteGeometry Properties3-D geometry description

Boundary Conditions

BoundaryCondition PropertiesBoundary condition for PDE model

PDE Coefficients

CoefficientAssignment PropertiesCoefficient assignments


FEMesh PropertiesMesh object

Initial Conditions

GeometricInitialConditions PropertiesInitial conditions over a region or region boundary
NodalInitialConditions PropertiesInitial conditions at mesh nodes

PDE Solvers

PDESolverOptions PropertiesAlgorithm options for PDE solvers


Structural Mechanics

StructuralMaterialAssignment PropertiesStructural material property assignments
StructuralDampingAssignment PropertiesDamping assignment for a structural analysis model
BodyLoadAssignment PropertiesBody load assignments
StructuralBC Properties Boundary condition or boundary load for structural analysis model
GeometricStructuralICs PropertiesInitial displacement and velocity over a region
NodalStructuralICs Properties Initial displacement and velocity at mesh nodes

Heat Transfer

ThermalMaterialAssignment PropertiesThermal material properties assignments
HeatSourceAssignment PropertiesHeat source assignments
ThermalBC PropertiesBoundary condition for thermal model
NodalThermalICs PropertiesInitial temperature at mesh nodes
GeometricThermalICs PropertiesInitial temperature over a region or region boundary
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