Assemble area integral contributions


[K,M,F] = assema(p,t,c,a,f)
[K,M,F] = assema(p,t,c,a,f,u0)
[K,M,F] = assema(p,t,c,a,f,u0,time)
[K,M,F] = assema(p,t,c,a,f,u0,time,sdl)
[K,M,F] = assema(p,t,c,a,f,time)
[K,M,F] = assema(p,t,c,a,f,time,sdl)
[K,M,F] = assema(model,c,a,f,___)


[K,M,F] = assema(p,t,c,a,f) assembles the stiffness matrix K, the mass matrix M, and the right-hand side vector F.

The input parameters p, t, c, a, f, u0, time, and sdl have the same meaning as in assempde. You cannot include an sdl argument in a model with 3-D geometry.

You can substitute model, a meshed PDEModel object, for the (p,t) input arguments.

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Introduced before R2006a

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