Options Menu


Turn grid on/off.

Grid Spacing

Adjust the grid spacing.


Turn the "snap-to-grid" feature on/off.

Axes Limits

Change the scaling of the drawing axes.

Axis Equal

Turn the "axis equal" feature on/off.

Turn off Toolbar Help

Turn off help texts for the toolbar buttons.


Turn zoom feature on/off.


Select application mode.


Redisplay all graphical objects in the PDE app.

Grid Spacing

In the Grid Spacing dialog box, you can adjust the x-axis and y-axis grid spacing. By default, the MATLAB® automatic linear grid spacing is used. If you turn off the Auto check box, the edit fields for linear spacing and extra ticks are enabled. For example, the default linear spacing -1.5:0.5:1.5 can be changed to -1.5:0.2:1.5. In addition, you can add extra ticks so that the grid can be customized to aid in drawing the desired 2-D domain. Extra tick entries can be separated using spaces, commas, semicolons, or brackets.


2/3, 0.78, 1.1
-0.123; pi/4

Clicking the Apply button applies the entered grid spacing; clicking the Done button ends the Grid Spacing dialog.

Axes Limits

In the Axes Limits dialog box, the range of the x-axis and the y-axis can be adjusted. The axis range should be entered as a 1-by-2 MATLAB vector such as [-10 10]. If you select the Auto check box, automatic scaling of the axis is used.

Clicking the Apply button applies the entered axis ranges; clicking the Close button ends the Axes Limits dialog.


From the Application submenu, you can select from 10 available application modes. The application modes can also be selected using the pop-up menu in the upper right corner of the PDE app.

The available application modes are:

  • Generic Scalar (the default mode)

  • Generic System

  • Structural Mechanics — Plane Stress

  • Structural Mechanics — Plane Strain

  • Electrostatics

  • Magnetostatics

  • AC Power Electromagnetics

  • Conductive Media DC

  • Heat Transfer

  • Diffusion

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