PDE Menu

PDE Mode

Enter the partial differential equation mode.

Show Subdomain Labels

Toggle the labeling of the subdomains on/off. The subdomains are labeled using the subdomain numbering in the decomposed geometry matrix.

PDE Specification in the PDE App

Open the dialog box for specifying PDE coefficients and types.

Export PDE Coefficients

Export current PDE coefficients to the main workspace. The resulting workspace variables are strings.

PDE Specification in the PDE App

PDE Specification opens a dialog box where you enter the type of partial differential equation and the applicable parameters. The dimension of the parameters depends on the dimension of the PDE. The following description applies to scalar PDEs. If you select a nongeneric application mode, application-specific PDEs and parameters replace the standard PDE coefficients.

Each of the coefficients c, a, f, and d can be given as a valid MATLAB® expression for computing coefficient values at the triangle centers of mass. These variables are available:

  • x and y — The x- and y-coordinates

  • u — The solution

  • sd — The subdomain number

  • ux and uy — The x and y derivatives of the solution

  • t — The time

For details, see Coefficients for Scalar PDEs in PDE App and Systems in the PDE App.

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