Draw circle

pdecirc opens the PDE app and draws a circle. If, instead, you want to draw circles in a MATLAB® figure, use the plot function such as t = linspace(0,2*pi);plot(cos(t),sin(t)) or plot(0,0,'o','MarkerSize',100), or the rectangle function with the Curvature name-value pair set to [1 1], or the Image Processing Toolbox™ viscircles function.




pdecirc(xc,yc,radius) draws a circle with center in (xc,yc) and radius radius. If the PDE app is not active, it is automatically started, and the circle is drawn in an empty geometry model.

The optional argument label assigns a name to the circle (otherwise a default name is chosen).

The state of the Geometry Description matrix inside the PDE app is updated to include the circle. You can export the Geometry Description matrix from the PDE app by using the Export Geometry Description option from the Draw menu. For a details on the format of the Geometry Description matrix, see decsg.


The following command starts the PDE app and draws a unit circle.

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