Gradient of PDE solution

THIS PAGE DESCRIBES THE LEGACY WORKFLOW. New features might not be compatible with the legacy workflow. For the corresponding step in the recommended workflow, see evaluateGradient.


[ux,uy] = pdegrad(p,t,u)
[ux,uy] = pdegrad(p,t,u,sdl)


[ux,uy] = pdegrad(p,t,u) returns the gradient of u evaluated at the center of each triangle.

Row i from 1 to N of ux contains


Row i from 1 to N of uy contains


There is one column for each triangle in t in both ux and uy.

The geometry of the PDE problem is given by the mesh data p and t. For details on the mesh data representation, see initmesh.

The optional argument sdl restricts the computation to the subdomains in the list sdl.

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