pdesdp, pdesde, pdesdt

Indices of points/edges/triangles in set of subdomains

THIS PAGE DESCRIBES THE LEGACY WORKFLOW. New features might not be compatible with the legacy workflow. For the corresponding step in the recommended workflow, see generateMesh.


c = pdesdp(p,e,t)
[i,c] = pdesdp(p,e,t)
c = pdesdp(p,e,t,sdl)
[i,c] = pdesdp(p,e,t,sdl)
i = pdesdt(t)
i = pdesdt(t,sdl)
i = pdesde(e)
i = pdesde(e,sdl)


[i,c] = pdesdp(p,e,t,sdl) given mesh data p, e, and t and a list of subdomain numbers sdl, the function returns all points belonging to those subdomains. A point can belong to several subdomains, and the points belonging to the domains in sdl are divided into two disjoint sets. i contains indices of the points that wholly belong to the subdomains listed in sdl, and c lists points that also belongs to the other subdomains.

c = pdesdp(p,e,t,sdl) returns indices of points that belong to more than one of the subdomains in sdl.

i = pdesdt(t,sdl) given triangle data t and a list of subdomain numbers sdl, i contains indices of the triangles inside that set of subdomains.

i = pdesde(e,sdl) given edge data e, it extracts indices of outer boundary edges of the set of subdomains.

If sdl is not given, a list of all subdomains is assumed.

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