Triangle geometry data

THIS PAGE DESCRIBES THE LEGACY WORKFLOW. New features might not be compatible with the legacy workflow. For the corresponding step in the recommended workflow, see generateMesh.


[ar,a1,a2,a3] = pdetrg(p,t)
[ar,g1x,g1y,g2x,g2y,g3x,g3y] = pdetrg(p,t)


[ar,a1,a2,a3] = pdetrg(p,t) returns the area of each triangle in ar and half of the negative cotangent of each angle in a1, a2, and a3.

[ar,g1x,g1y,g2x,g2y,g3x,g3y] = pdetrg(p,t) returns the area and the gradient components of the triangle base functions.

The triangular mesh of the PDE problem is given by the mesh data p and t. For details on the mesh data representation, see initmesh.

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