Open the PDE App

For basic information on 2-D geometry construction, see Create 2-D Geometry

Partial Differential Equation Toolbox™ software includes the PDE app, which covers all aspects of the PDE solution process. You start it by typing


at the MATLAB® command line. It may take a while the first time you launch the PDE app during a MATLAB session. The following figure shows the PDE app as it looks when you start it.

At the top, the PDE app has a pull-down menu bar that you use to control the modeling. Below the menu bar, a toolbar with icon buttons provide quick and easy access to some of the most important functions.

To the right of the toolbar is a pop-up menu that indicates the current application mode. You can also use it to change the application mode. The upper right part of the PDE app also provides the x- and y-coordinates of the current cursor position. This position is updated when you move the cursor inside the main axes area in the middle of the PDE app.

The edit box for the set formula contains the active set formula.

In the main axes you draw the 2-D geometry, display the mesh, and plot the solution.

At the bottom of the PDE app, an information line provides information about the current activity. It can also display help information about the toolbar buttons.

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