Array Geometries and Analysis

Uniform linear arrays (ULA), uniform rectangular arrays (URA), uniform circular arrays (UCA), conformal arrays, subarrays, array response, steering vectors

Phased arrays consist of antenna or microphone elements arranged into regular patterns. Common array types include uniform linear arrays, uniform rectangular arrays, and uniform circular arrays. You can also build arrays with arbitrary geometries by using conformal arrays. For many examples of the kinds of arrays that the toolbox supports, see Phased Array Gallery. The toolbox includes System objects for building arrays composed of subarrays as well as partitioned arrays. You can model array perturbations and mutual coupling between elements and create heterogeneous arrays with different element types. You can incorporate Phased Array System Toolbox™ or Antenna Toolbox™ antenna elements in your arrays. Methods let you plot array radiation patterns such as directivity. You can also create and use steering vectors for dynamic array pointing.

System Objects

phased.ULA Uniform linear array
phased.URA Uniform rectangular array
phased.UCA Uniform circular array
phased.ConformalArray Conformal array
phased.PartitionedArray Phased array partitioned into subarrays
phased.ReplicatedSubarray Phased array formed by replicated subarrays
phased.HeterogeneousConformalArray Heterogeneous conformal array
phased.HeterogeneousULA Heterogeneous uniform linear array
phased.HeterogeneousURA Heterogeneous uniform rectangular array
phased.SteeringVector Sensor array steering vector
phased.ArrayGain Sensor array gain
phased.ArrayResponse Sensor array response
phased.ElementDelay Sensor array element delay estimator


az2broadside Convert azimuth angle to broadside angle
broadside2az Convert broadside angle to azimuth angle
pilotcalib Array calibration using pilot sources


Sensor Array Analyzer Analyze beam pattern of linear, planar, and conformal sensor arrays
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