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Detection and System Analysis

Target detection, range and Doppler estimation, ROC curves, radar equation

System Objects

phased.CFARDetector Constant false alarm rate (CFAR) detector
phased.MatchedFilter Matched filter
phased.RangeDopplerResponse Range-Doppler response
phased.StretchProcessor Stretch processor for linear FM waveform
phased.TimeVaryingGain Time varying gain control


npwgnthresh Detection SNR threshold for signal in white Gaussian noise
pulsint Pulse integration
rocpfa Receiver operating characteristic curves by false-alarm probability
rocsnr Receiver operating characteristic curves by SNR
albersheim Required SNR using Albersheim's equation
shnidman Required SNR using Shnidman's equation
stretchfreq2rng Convert frequency offset to range
dechirp Perform dechirp operation on FMCW signal
beat2range Convert beat frequency to range
range2beat Convert range to beat frequency
rdcoupling Range Doppler coupling
physconst Physical constants
radareqpow Peak power estimate from radar equation
radareqrng Maximum theoretical range estimate
radareqsnr SNR estimate from radar equation
radarEquationCalculator Radar equation calculator
radarvcd Vertical coverage diagram
blakechart Range-angle-height (Blake) chart
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