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Getting Started with Phased Array System Toolbox


Microphone Array Applications

Microphone ULA Array

This example shows how to construct and visualize a four-element ULA with custom cardioid microphone elements.

Time-Delay Beamforming of Microphone ULA Array

This example shows how to perform wideband conventional time-delay beamforming with a microphone array of omnidirectional elements.

Visualization of Wideband Beamformer Performance

This example shows how to plot the response of an acoustic microphone element and an array of microphone elements to validate the performance of a beamformer.

Antenna Array Applications

Conformal Array

Antennas and microphones in conformal arrays can be placed anywhere in three dimensions.

Beamscan Direction-of-Arrival Estimation

Use beamscan to estimate directions of arrival of signals.

Radar Systems

Radar Equation

Radar equation for peak power, range, and SNR in monostatic and bistatic configurations

Linear Frequency Modulated Pulse Waveforms

LFM pulse waveforms increase time-bandwidth product and improve target detection.

End-to-End Radar System

The basic toolbox workflow is applied to a monostatic radar system consisting of a single antenna.

System Objects

System Design in MATLAB Using System Objects

Steps for designing systems using System objects

About Phased Array Systems

System Overviews

Phased Array Systems

Standards and Conventions

This section introduces the concept of baseband signals and defines the local and global coordinate systems used in the toolbox.

Units of Measure and Physical Constants

Phased Array System Toolbox™ uses the International System of Units.

About System Toolboxes

System Toolbox Basics

What Is a System Toolbox?

Defines System Toolboxes and differentiates them from other toolboxes

What Are System Objects?

Defines System objects and key uses

System Object Methods

Using methods to process or obtain information on System objects

System Design in MATLAB

System Objects vs. MATLAB Functions

How to determine whether to use System objects or MATLAB® functions

System Design and Simulation in MATLAB

System design with System objects in MATLAB overview

System Design in Simulink

System Objects in Simulink

How to include System objects in Simulink® models

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